January 31, 2010

Crazy Heart (01/31/2010)

Lettergrade: A

There aren't really any big dramatic moments in Crazy Heart, the muted story of a country singer dealing with old-age loneliness and faded fame, but nevertheless I think it's one of my favorite movies from 2009. Credit Jeff Bridges for most of that, who is able to pull off that amazing actor trick of utterly convincing you that he is the character he's playing on screen while never ceasing to be himself. The movie itself isn't terribly surprising or revelatory on a writing level, but it's the great atmosphere combined with some excellent songs by T. Bone Burnett and the late Steve Bruton that really make this something special. I'm enjoying subdued character pieces like this more and more, I must say, and I'm glad there seems to be more and more of them around.

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